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NC State Undergraduate and Graduate Net Impact Chapters Welcome New Leadership Teams

by Anna Campbell, BSC Associate

Net Impact is a leading nonprofit that empowers a new generation to use their careers to drive transformational change in the workplace and the world. We put our values to work for good on campus, in our communities, and throughout our careers. By doing so we show the world that it’s possible to make a net impact that benefits not just the bottom line, but people and planet too.

The NC State Net Impact chapter is one of 300+ global chapters at the heart of our community of over 50,000 student and professional leaders from across the globe working for a sustainable future. We are a new generation of leaders transforming the world through the work we do on campus, in our communities, and on the job.

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Adam Harris, president of the graduate Net Impact chapter, and Eric Schwartz, president of the undergraduate chapter, sat down with Anna Campbell, an NC State University Business Sustainability Collaborative (BSC) associate, to discuss Net Impact and how people can get involved. Adam views Net Impact as an organization that “is an accelerator for sustainable practices including a wide spectrum of businesses.” NC State specifically uses its chapter as a networking tool for students to discover career paths using a “sustainable lens.”

Personally, Adam wanted to be more involved in Net Impact after attending his first Net Impact meeting, where he “had found his people.” His parents raised him with a keen understanding of how his decisions would impact the environment and those around him. He grew up recycling, helping his dad in the garden, and implementing social impact activities while at school. Adam wants to make a difference while earning an income and he believes Net Impact is helping him understand how to pull those two goals together. Similar to Adam, Eric joined Net Impact because he cares about environmental issues and sees it as a powerful networking opportunity.

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As the current graduate chapter president, Adam has the ability and vision to run the Net Impact club in a different way from previous years. The leadership team is working to broadening the focus of the club, including changing the current focus from food systems sustainability to a broader focus in order to include a larger network of people, including engineers, supply chain specialists, accounting majors and various other students.  Adam also wants to tailor the club programs to be seasonally specific and create a curriculum that fully engages both graduate and undergraduate students.  His main goal with his time as president is to make opportunities more relevant for students – exposing them to a wide range of opportunities. He plans to do this by building a broader network, creating more people to talk to, and getting members involved with a wide range of companies and organizations.

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Eric Schwartz, undergraduate Net Impact chapter President, BS Business Management ”19

Eric Schwartz is also looking forward to including more students in the undergraduate chapter from different academic disciplines. His future plan for the chapter is to work with the Business Sustainability Collaborative to get more undergraduate students engaged in the B Corp Clinic in the coming academic year. He is also hoping to work with the AgroEcology farm on a project next year and bring in more insightful speakers to Lunch N’ Learns to link students with companies that believe in Net Impact’s mission.

NC State Net Impact Leadership Team 2017 – 18

  • Adam Harris – President Graduate Chapter
  • Eric Schwartz – President Undergraduate Chapter
  • Adam Fisher – VP Finance  & Operations
  • Larissa Via – VP Marketing
  • Md Rejaul Hasan – VP Textiles & Apparel
  • Anna Campbell – VP Business Sustainability

All NC State students are welcome to join Net Impact and get more involved with the graduate or undergraduate chapters. Students are included in competitions for business investing, projects focused on creating business plans, networking with area business leaders, and learning directly for area professionals. Also, the Net Impact conference is this October in Atlanta and members are welcome to apply to attend the conference that “gives perspective, generates ideas for the chapter” and more. Large corporations like General Mills will be in attendance, along with small companies like Larry’s Beans.