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Jeff Pollack, PhD

Lynn T. Clark II Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship

Research Specialities

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business planning and pitching
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • New venture creation
  • Organizational design
  • Public speaking

The question of how to create value is central to the process of coming up with ideas for new entrepreneurial ventures. I approach sustainability from this perspective–how individuals coming up with ideas for value creation can think effectively and efficiently about how they can make people’s lives better, right a wrong, prevent the end of something good, and/or fill a gap in the marketplace.

Jeff Pollack, PhD

Associate Professor, Poole College of Management

Sustainability Related Courses

These classes immerse students in the processes of identifying, exploring, and exploiting opportunities for value creation (e.g., economic value and/or social value and/or environmental value). Whether students intend to start their own venture, work for an entrepreneurial venture, or work at a large company, this class will provide them with experience in thinking about how to create value—a critical skill that can enable them to be an “entrepreneurial thinker” in both their work and personal lives.

  • MIE 310- Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • MBA 570- Opportunity Evaluation and Value Creation

Key Research Publications

  • Pollack, J. M., Barr, S., & Hanson, S. (2017). New venture creation as establishing stakeholder relationships: A trust-based perspective. Journal of Business Venturing Insights, 7, 15-20.
  • Banks, G. C., Pollack, J. M., Bochantin, J. E., Kirkman, B. L., Whelpley, C. E., & O’Boyle, E. H. (2016). Management’s science-practice gap: A grand challenge for all stakeholders. Academy of Management Journal, 59(6), 2205-2231.
  • Pollack, J. M., Seers, A., Rutherford, M. W., Coy, A., & Hanson, S. (2016). Exploring entrepreneurs’ social network ties: Quantity versus quality. Journal of Business Venturing Insights, 6, 28-35.
  • Pollack, J. M., Coy, A., Green, J. D., & Davis, J. L. (2015). Satisfaction, investment, and alternatives predict entrepreneurs’ networking group commitment and subsequent revenue generation. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 39, 817-837.
  • Pollack, J. M., & Bosse, D. A. (2014). When do investors forgive entrepreneurs for lying? Journal of Business Venturing, 29, 741-754.
  • Pollack, J. M., Rutherford, M. W., & Nagy, B. (2012). Preparedness and cognitive legitimacy as antecedents to new venture funding in televised business pitches. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 36, 915-939.

Overall, in today’s marketplace, it is not enough to just offer a product or service. Rather, new ideas for value creation have to make multiple contributions to the well-being of stakeholders–not just customers, but also employees, suppliers, and investors.

Jeff Pollack, PhD

Associate Professor, Poole College of Management

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