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B Corp Clinic

The B Corp Clinic connects students to aspiring B Corporations to help them improve their environmental and social impact as part of the B Impact Teams initiative.

Celebrating 5 Years of Impact!

We’ve come a long way since our first B Corp Clinic in 2015 – check it out below!

From 2015 to 2020 we’ve engaged over 300 students from 7 different universities. We’ve grad graduate and undergraduate students from across the state lead 68 clinic projects with local and global companies. As a result of the clinic, over 2,300 points towards B Corp Certification have been awarded and 10 companies have become certified B Corporations! See more below about how we’ve continue that impact, recently wrapping up our 15th semester and 99th project!

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Have you ever wondered how companies become B Corps? B Corps—like Warby Parker, New Belgium Brewing, and Patagonia—are “for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.” For the last seven years, the NC State B Corp Clinic, a multi-school collaborative program has helped North Carolina companies strengthen their social and environmental impact by working with teams of graduate students from across NC State.

300 students

Over the last 7 years, the B Corp Clinic has engaged over 400 students from 7 colleges with 99 projects.

Companies are matched with a team of students (intentionally designed to include students from multiple schools and disciplines) to go through the assessment process and identify strategies they can take to improve their B Corp scores. Students gain hands-on consulting experience and the chance to learn about social and environmental impact assessment and sustainable business models. Over the last seven years, the NC State B Corp Clinic has worked on 99 projects with North Carolina companies, to help them make progress towards B Corp certification, working with over 400 graduate and undergraduate students from universities across the state.

Spring 2022 B Corp Clinic Companies: Bright Black Candles, Vanguard Furniture, Jet It, Crowd Capital,  Sugar Hollow Solar, AgBiome, CalicoSol, Natures Crop, Kennedy & Company.

Fall 2021 B Corp Clinic Companies: One Earth Rising, Carolina Solar Services, JetIt, Interloop North America, Mananalu, BIOMILQ and Crowd Capital.

Spring 2021 B Corp Clinic Companies: Loading Dock Raleigh, TS Designs, Prota Fiori, Crocodile Creek, Northwestern Mutual – Tom Morris, Amanda’s Best Friend, Birdcall, Green Sprouts.

Fall 2020 B Corp Clinic Companies: 360 Rocks, Lulu Press, Ocaquatics Swim School, Orora Global, Prota Fiori, YAP!

Spring 2020 B Corp Clinic Companies: 9miles Media, Boer Brothers Heating and Air, Get Spiffy, Inc.,,Prota Fiori, Spiritex/Asheville Apparel,Triangle Environmental and Unity Digital Agency.

Fall 2019 B Corp Clinic Companies: Charles & ColvardHaven DevelopersMurphy’s NaturalsRecover Brands and Touchstone Essentials.

Spring 2019 B Corp Clinic Companies: Counter Culture CoffeeHQ RaleighNARA collectiveProject Shiftand SunSense Solar.