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Speaker Series

BSC hosts multiple speaker series and events to connect industry thought leaders innovating in sustainable business to our NC State campus community and local business community.

BSC Career Speaker Series

The BSC Career Speaker Series provides students across NC State the opportunity to learn from people working in business sustainability. Our goal is to provide insight into how these leaders are transforming the way business operates to benefit people, the planet, and the bottom line.

Paula Alexander – Senior Director of Sustainability at the Clorox Company

Paula Alexander, the Senior Director of Sustainability at The Clorox Company, brings her wealth of expertise to our MBA 582 course. Join us for an insightful discussion on her career journey and the dynamic intersection of sustainability in her current role. Explore topics ranging from marketing strategies to conscious consumer behavior, and gain valuable insights into the innovative campaigns pioneered by Burt’s Bees under her leadership!

Ron Jarvis – Chief Sustainability Officer, Home Depot

Engage in a captivating conversation with Ron Jarvis, The Home Depot’s Chief Sustainability Officer, as we delve into key insights from our fireside chat. Uncover the three major takeaways from this enlightening discussion with a seasoned professional in the home improvement industry!

Ramsay Huntley – Senior Advisor for Sustainable Finance, Wells Fargo

Explore the cutting-edge realm of sustainable finance through the insights shared by Ramsay Huntley, as he unravels his career journey at Wells Fargo. Delve into the future of sustainable finance and gain a deeper understanding of its innovative approach!

Tony Pease – Founder & CEO, Carimus

Discover the inspiring odyssey of a tech entrepreneur as he candidly shares the truths and setbacks encountered on his remarkable journey. Dive deeper into the realms of entrepreneurship and explore the fascinating intersection of technology and sustainability!

Darius Rountree – Manager of Member Support at Guild Education

Learn about Jenkins MBA alum, Darius Rountree’s career shift from Law to business sustainabiltiy and working for a B Corp!