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Al Chen, CPA

Professor, Department of Accounting

Research Specialities

  • Sustainability performance measurement
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Business sustainability issues and practices
  • Environmental cost management

I strive to engage in multidisciplinary programs that develop tools and performance indicators to support business to achieve positive outcomes in environmental, economic systems and diversity through my research. My students learn to identify, engage and empower themselves in making sustainability improvements.

Al Chen, CPA

Professor of Accounting, Poole College of Management, Accounting Department

Sustainability Related Courses

  • MBA 590 – Data Analytics Practicum – Members of this class involve in finding solutions to current transactive energy (TE) related business issues using data-analytics skills, tools, and methodologies.
  • MBA 590 – Financial Planning for Innovation – This class focus on developing student’s skills in planning, control, and evaluating organizational performance and in implementing business strategies for sustainable growth and development.

Key Research Publications

  • Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics: Why the Most Widely Used Sustainability Metrics Fail to Measure Actual Achievement and How a New, More Advanced Methodology Solves This Dilemma, Journal of Applied Corporate Finance (Volume 29, Number 2, Spring 2017, pp.109-114).
  • Assurance Map: An Opportunity to Add Value by Internal Auditors, Internal Auditor, (December 2016, pp.53-56) John B. Thurston Award for 2016 most outstanding feature article.
  • How Widely Used Sustainability Metrics Distort Actual Performance-And a Solution to this All-Too-Common Problem, Environmental Quality Management (Volume 24, Number 4, Summer 2015, pp.1-9).
  • Flexible Budgeting Applied to Sustainability Measurements, IMA Research Foundation C-Suite Report. NJ: Institute of Management Accountants (August 2015)
  • Applying Target Costing in the Development of Marketable and Environmentally Friendly Products from Swine Waste, The Engineering Economist, April-June 2008, Volume 53, Number 2, pp. 156-170.

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