Lulu eGames at NC State University


The Lulu eGames is NC State’s annual startup competition. The competition runs through the spring semester and includes two rounds with six categories. The Business Sustainability Collaborative hosts the Social and Environmental Impact track of the eGames.

Lulu eGames

In 2016, the Lulu eGames added a new Social and Environmental Impact category in a collaboration with the NC State Poole College Business Sustainability Collaborative.

The Lulu eGames is NC State’s annual startup competition, with over $100k in prizes available for NC State entrepreneurs. Students can compete in 6 categories  – New Venture, Design and Prototype, Social and Environmental Impact, Built on Cloud, Arts Venture and the Daugherty Endowment which is by invitation only.

The new category allows NC State graduate and undergraduate students, working in teams or individually, the opportunity to create a new venture focused on using the power of business to solve social and environmental challenges.


in cash prizes awarded annually to NC State entrepreneurs developing their startups

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Our Social and Environmental Impact Category Sponsors

The Poole College Business Sustainability Collaborative has partnered with the following esteemed organizations as well as some of our leading NC B Corp Champions to provide the prizes, mentorship, and judging.