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Stefanie Robinson, PhD

Associate Professor of Marketing, Business Management

Research Specialities

  • Social Responsibility
  • Consumer Well-being
  • Innovative, Sustainable Product Adoption

I take a consumer behavior approach when investigating sustainability-related issues. It is important to understand how we as marketers can engage consumers and businesses to be more accountable for their consumption decisions in the marketplace.

Stefanie Robinson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Marketing, Business Management

Sustainability Related Courses

  • Marketing Research, MBA 562 – This course introduces students to the basic marketing research techniques used to systematically collect or obtain data and convert it into meaningful information or knowledge. Students learn the fundamentals to conduct sustainability marketing research.
  • Consumer Behavior, BUS 460 – Consumer behavior is a cyclical process, comprised of acquisition, consumption, and disposition. In this course, students study the importance of sustainability issues across the entire process from understanding how consumers decide whether to purchase sustainable products to whether consumers use environmentally friendly products as intended.

Water scarcity breeds innovation

Part one of this article explains why competition over water is becoming fierce in North Carolina. The following article looks at some of the innovative techniques that people living in water scarce regions are developing to make the best possible use of this precious, life-giving resource.

Water scarcity breeds innovation

Key Research Publications

  • Irmak, Caglar, Beth Vallen, and Stefanie Rosen Robinson (2011), “The Impact of Product Name on Dieters’ and Non-Dieters Food Evaluation and Consumption, Journal of Consumer Research, 38 (August), 390-405.
  • Robinson, Stefanie Rosen, Caglar Irmak, and Satish Jayachandran (2012), “Choice of Cause in Cause-Related Marketing,” Journal of Marketing, 76 (July), 126-39.

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