Lonnie Poole addresses the crowd at the Park Alumni Center. Photo by Marc Hall


Since 2013, the Business Sustainability Collaborative has served as an academic initiative in the Poole College of Management at NC State University that brings together students, leading faculty and the business community to redefine how business success is measured.

Sustainability today is an intrinsic part of doing business. It is imperative that as a business school, we enable our students to learn through instruction and real-world experiences how sustainability principles and practices contribute to a company’s value, to integrate this into our research activities, and to extend this knowledge into the business community.

Ira R. Weiss, Professor, Department of Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Poole College of Management



Lonnie C. Poole Jr., founder of Waste Industries makes a $37.5 million endowed gift, naming the Poole College of Management. A portion of the gift was committed to establishing a center of excellence in sustainability in the college.


Scott Showalter, professor in Poole College’s Department of Accounting, led an assessment of sustainability research among NC State faculty and a Poole College task force producing the "Opportunities for Thought Leadership in Sustainability" report.


Jessica Thomas is named the inaugural director of Poole College’s Sustainability Initiative and officially launches the initiative to integrate sustainability across Poole College courses, research, career development, and operations.


The Sustainability Initiative becomes the Business Sustainability Collaborative with the mission of preparing the next generation of leaders by engaging students, faculty, and the business community to drive positive business results.


BSC Director, Jessica Thomas, receives the Global B Corporation community with the Bill Clark Award, recognizing the individual outside of a certified B Corp who has done the most to support the B Corp community.


BSC hosts the 3rd year of the internationally recognized B Corp Clinic which connects students to aspiring B Corporations to help them improve their environmental and social impact.


BSC hosts B the Change, networking events, and the B Corp Clinic, connecting 30 students from NC State, Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, and NC Central with 7 B Corp Clinic companies from across the country.


The 4th Annual Lulu eGames Social and Environmental Impact (SEI) Category was managed by the BSC in collaboration with the NC State Entrepreneurship Initiative and local businesses, providing mentorship and sponsorship totaling $10K.


In the midst of a global pandemic, the BSC and the B Corp Clinic celebrate years. All events go entirely virtual. Sustainable businesses show us how to take care of their employees during a crisis.


Moving forward, together. This year, we've worked with our students, faculty, and partners to provide online programs and to safely get back together in person for social impact speed networking events and much more!