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Thought Leaders

We work with top researchers and practitioners to pioneer innovative sustainability practices and redefine how business success is measured.

Meet the BSC Experts

At the Business Sustainability Collaborative, thought leaders across disciplines come together to tackle real-world business challenges through social and environmental innovation.

More than a quarter of the faculty in the Poole College of Management work with us to integrate sustainability into their curricula — and their research drives and measures sustainability practices to foster better business outcomes. From studying the habits of green shoppers to examining labor and human rights in the supply chain, our experts are cultivating insights that make the case for business as a force for good.

Strategically focused organizations are already realizing the need to think ahead 15-20 years to evaluate how and when their business model is likely to be impacted by unsustainable products and services critical to their supply chain, in addition to changes in customer demand for what is currently their ‘crown jewel’ product or service. In the face of such challenges, it is critical that the Poole College of Management integrate topics related to sustainability in our teaching, research, and engagement with businesses.

Dr. Mark Beasley

Deloitte Professor of Enterprise Risk Management