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Kathy Krawczyk, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Research Specialities

  • Financial accounting
  • Audit and tax impact of sustainability initiatives
  • Educational approaches to increase student awareness of sustainability

I incorporate sustainability topics into classes so MAC students can recognize that corporate decisions related to sustainability have very real financial accounting, tax, and auditing implications. Understanding the impact of sustainability on everyday operations will make these students better business advisors.

Kathy Krawczyk, PhD

Professor, MAC Program Director, Poole College of Management, Accounting Department

Sustainability Related Courses

  • ACC 533, Accounting and Tax Research: This class includes cases that allow students to research sustainability issues related to accounting, auditing and taxes.
  • ACC 600, Managerial and Career Effectiveness: This class features a workshop on the sustainability initiatives taking place in the Poole College of Management, NC State, and the global business world.

Professor Kathy Krawczyk Makes a Lasting Impression

When the announcement came that Kathy Krawczyk was stepping down as director of the NC State Poole College of Management’s Jenkins Master of Accounting (MAC) program, some people naturally assumed that meant retirement, or at least slowing down some.

Poole College Accounting Class

Key Research Publications

  • Krawczyk, K. A., Showalter, S. D. (2017). Clariant Corporation: A Case Study in Sustainability, Currently in Progress
  • Buckless, F. A., Krawczyk, K. A., Showalter, S. D. (2014). Using Virtual Worlds to Simulate Real-World Audit Procedures. Issues in Accounting Education, 29(3), 389-417.
  • Buckless, F. A., Krawczyk, K. A., Showalter, S. D. (2012). Accounting Education in the Second Life World: Opportunities for Students, Faculty, and Businesses. The CPA Journal, LXXXII(3), 65-71.

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