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Student Opportunities

Our students get hands-on experience working with faculty and industry leaders to champion socially and environmentally responsible business practices.

Change How the World Does Business

At the Business Sustainability Collaborative (BSC), we bring together students with a passion for social and environmental issues and train them to become tomorrow’s sustainability leaders. Here, students learn to make business decisions that benefit our workforce, our communities and our environment — without sacrificing financial success.

The BSC works closely with faculty to integrate sustainability into core, elective and project-based courses within the Poole College of Management. You’ll develop the skills you need to drive sustainable business practices through the application of research, technology and critical thinking. And you’ll team up with industry leaders to turn your knowledge into real-world solutions with social, environmental and financial impact.

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No matter what you study — or where you study — we’ve got the resources to prepare you for a successful career with a sustainable focus. Students across all majors are encouraged to take BSC courses or get involved with our initiatives, and programs like our innovative B Corp Clinic are open to partner universities throughout North Carolina.

6 Partner Universities

Our B Corp Clinic welcomes participants from six partner universities across North Carolina: Appalachian State University, Duke University, Elon University, North Carolina Central University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Wake Technical Community College.

Get Involved With Us

We connect our students with industry leaders to produce cutting-edge, sustainable business solutions — and they graduate with real-world consulting experience. Whether you’re looking to incorporate sustainable practices into your future career or launch your own sustainable venture, we’ll give you the training to become a change-maker in your industry.

Our world-renowned B Corp Clinic pairs graduate and undergraduate students with real companies to walk them through the B Corporation assessment step-by-step. Join forces with an interdisciplinary team and find out what it takes to create a sustainable business model — all while making professional connections that last beyond graduation. Students can also take the B Corp Clinic abroad during our summer course in Brazil and gain hands-on experience working with emerging markets.

The BSC showed me how to incorporate sustainability in my decision-making without compromising my career aspiration.

Rudhawarsh Loganathan, Jenkins MBA, Class of 2017