Business Sustainability Collaborative


The Business Sustainability Collaborative works across programs at Poole College to build a sustainability curriculum. In many project-based courses, students have an opportunity to work on real cases related to sustainable business challenges and opportunities.

Integrating Sustainability Across the Curriculum

The Business Sustainability Collaborative works closely with faculty to:

  • Identify research topics and research partners at other colleges within the university
  • Identify and sponsor sustainability related academic conferences, journals and grant opportunities
  • Integrate sustainability topics into courses
  • Identify and develop sustainability related cases, problems, or exercises
  • Identify sustainability related classroom educational materials such as textbooks, periodicals, and other technical guidance materials.

More and more consumers, not just in the US, but around the world, want to be assured that the products they buy were sourced, produced, delivered with as small an environmental footprint as possible… That is why I am incorporating a module on sustainable operations and supply chain management in my course, MBA 540 Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management.

Dr. Eda Kemahlioglu Ziya, Associate Professor, Department of Business Management

Sustainability Courses at NC State

Jenkins MBA students from the Summer 2017 “Sustainable Business in Emerging Markets” Study Abroad taught by BSC Director, Jessica Thomas, share their experience.

Strategically focused organizations are already realizing the need to think ahead 15-20 years to evaluate how and when their business model is likely to be impacted by unsustainable products and services critical to their supply chain, in addition to changes in customer demand for what is currently their ‘crown jewel’ product or service. In the face of such challenges, it is critical that the Poole College of Management integrate topics related to sustainability in our teaching, research, and engagement with businesses.

Dr. Mark Beasley, Deloitte Professor of Enterprise Risk Management