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Scott Showalter, CPA, CGFM

Director of Master of Accounting Program & Professor of Practice, Department of Accounting

Research Specialities

  • Sustainability reporting
  • Assurance on sustainability reporting
  • Business sustainability issues and practices

I seek to integrate sustainability topics and practices into all my classes because for businesses to be successful over the long term, businesses need to identify those elements that today and tomorrow will impact their ability to endure. In turn, we need to help our students identify and respond to those factors applicable to whichever functional discipline they decide to pursue.

Scott Showalter, CPA, CGFM

Professor of Practice, Department of Accounting

Sustainability Related Courses

  • ACC 550, Advanced Auditing – This class incorporates an audit of the NC State’s Sustainability Report into course where students have the opportunity to learn about the University’s sustainability efforts while applying audit skills to information provided in the report.
  • ACC 533, Accounting and Tax Research – This class includes a case that allows students to research sustainability issues related to accounting, auditing and taxes.
  • MBA 590, Sustainability and Business – This 3-hour class is focused on opening student’s eyes as to why business should operate in a sustainable manner, the issues they face in doing so and the efforts businesses undertake to address these business-imperative issues.
  • MBA 610, Using Sustainability Reporting to Change Business Operations – This 1-hour class provides a brief introduction to sustainability and focuses on current reporting efforts by businesses.

Key Research Publications

  • Bartley, Jon, Frank Buckless, Y.S. Al Chen, Stephen Harvey, D. Scott Showalter, and Gilroy Zuckerman. “How Widely Used Sustainability Metrics Distort Actual Performance—And a Solution to This All-Too- Common Problem.” Environmental Quality Management.
  • Bartley, Jon, Frank Buckless, Y.S. Al Chen, Scott Showalter, Gilroy Zuckerman. “Flexible Budgeting Applied to Sustainability Measurements.” IMA Research Foundation Research Report.
  • Winner, William E., David A Dickey, D. Scott Showalter. “Sustainability and Metrics: Use of Statistics and Independent Auditing.” Sustainability: The Journal of Record, Volume 8, Issue 2, April 2015, pp. 54-60.
  • Beasley, Mark S. and D. Scott Showalter. “ERM and Sustainability: Together on the Road Ahead.” Strategic Finance, March 2015, pp. 32-39. (Lybrand Gold Medal Award for best article in Strategic Finance during 2014-15).
  • Slumdwellers,” Chapel Hill, NC: UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School, 2008.

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