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How an architect is reimagining the food system

Image: Community Food Lab/screen capture

Food and farming isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when you think about architecture, yet design plays a crucial role in influencing our food choices as a society. That’s why Erin White (NC State master’s in architecture) has applied his design skills to improving the Triangle’s food system. White is the founder of Community Food lab, a design and consulting firm focused on local food systems.  The News and Observer recently profiled White’s important, and perhaps counterintuitive, work:

“He is a founding member of the Capital Area Food Network, which seeks to advise local governments on policies that relate to food, including urban gardens. White has created educational gardens, a program guide for starting healthy corner stores, and pamphlets visualizing modes of urban food production. Part of his goal is to help raise awareness of food as not just what we choose to eat but part of a system – one that fails when low-income communities don’t have access to healthy foods, or family farms can’t survive.”

The full story can be found on the News and Observer here.