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Photo: Donna-Maria Harris

Sustainability is not about limitations. It’s about understanding the true nature of the challenges we face, and then finding ways to work around them.

That’s why it’s often a spur for technological and cultural innovation.

The city of Raleigh has long been working to position itself as a leader in sustainability. From clean energy to electric car charging, there’s plenty to show for that work. As WUNC reports, a group of 14 African civil society leaders recently stopped by the city to take a look. They’re hoping to take what they’ve learned and apply it in their own communities:

“Nkonzo Mhnongo lives in Durban, South Africa and works in the sugar industry.  She held her tablet up high, recording and snapping photos of the solar panels atop the convention center.  Mhnongo says she would like to see more projects like this back home.

“For us, this is quite, quite useful.  You know, to say, even beyond just a household, business can actually look at this as an option,” said Mhnongo.  “For us solar, because we are also in South Africa looking at sustainable ways of generating electricity.  So for us, this is one of the ideas we are looking at.”

With all the media focus on growth and innovation in Africa brought on by President Obama’s recent visit to the continent, solid examples of colaboration and sharing best practice could not have come at a better time.

Visit WUNC to hear the whole story.