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When African civil society leaders toured Raleigh to learn more about sustainability initiatives, the city’s electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure was one of the highlights.

Working with the Rocky Mountain Institute, the city has installed 29 charging stations (EVSEs) which include 18 public charging stations and 11 fleet charging stations. The city also looked at some of the less talked about barriers to EV adoption:

“The City removed and reduced barriers to electric vehicle adoption by offering contractor and inspector education and training, by addressing building codes, electrical codes, and city ordinances related to uniform standards, signage, parking, and fees for charging. The City also streamlined the permitting and inspections process for EVSE installation.”

In the video above, Donna-maria Harris, who serves as Public Information Manager for the city’s Office of Sustainability, explains why the city’s support of this emerging technology lead her to purchase a Nissan LEAF.