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Photo: Sami Grover/creative commons

We reported before on the Durham-made ELF, a solar/pedal-powered hybrid “velomobile” that is dubbed by its makers as “the most efficient vehicle on the planet”. Until now, the ELF was really only designed to carry one person—limiting its appeal for many families with small children. Organic Transit, however, has just announced that they are launching a two-seater upgrade option called the 2FR. The upgrade costs $499 on top of the standard RRP of $5,495, and the company is currently taking orders with a 6-8 week lead time for delivery.

This author recently took an ELF 2FR for a test-ride for TreeHugger and I was delighted with the experience:

I can report that the ride is pretty comfortable (though not roomy) for a grownup, and Organic Transit team members tell me that two seven-year-olds can ride fit on the back seat, maybe even without fighting. I also got a chance to take the wheel and found the 2FR surprisingly easy to maneuver, even with a 170 lb adult in the rear. The electric assist is obviously essential on the up-hills, but on the level you can get moving without it and on downhills it becomes entirely unnecessary.

Read the full account of my short trip over at TreeHugger. And stay tuned for more updates on Organic Transit. The company is planning some interesting new initiatives, including negotiations with Triangle communities and businesses about setting up ELF-share schemes in select locations.