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North Carolina students are already leading the way with sustainable design. Perhaps more surprisingly, so is a North Carolina McDonald’s.

QSR Magazine recently ran an article highlighting the effort put forth by Ric Richards designing a McDonald’s in a way that “treats the Earth well.” The freshly redesigned location is aiming for 43 to 44 LEED credits, enough to reach a LEED Gold rating. Key sustainable elements include:

·       Demolition of the old structure resulted in 99.1% of material being reused or recycled

·       An on-site solar canopy generating 7.5% of the restaurant’s energy

·       92% of the building is lit by natural light

·       Uses 24% less energy than a standard McDonald’s

·       Water saving technology that results in 550,000 gallons saved

Perhaps the most innovative aspect of the new McDonald’s is not how much energy or resources it saves, but how many minds it may change. The process from design to construction was documented by video and will be available for viewing in the store. The goal is to educate the public about sustainable design not just build a sustainable McDonald’s.

To find out more visit QSR Magazine and read Sam Oches’ article, or schedule a tour via McDonalds Advantage.