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Undergraduate Sustainability Curriculum

From accounting to supply chain management to marketing, our faculty are integrating sustainability across the undergraduate curriculum, preparing the next generation of leaders to use business as a force for good.

Poole College Accounting Class

The Poole College Business Sustainability Collaborative believes it is essential to prepare our students for the changing business landscape. BSC has identified the courses listed below that related to our college level learning objective of Social Responsibility Awareness.  The courses listed are organized by department and include a discussion of ethics, sustainability or DEI at a medium or high level.

Social Responsibility Awareness Learning Objective

Our students will be able to define, identify concerns with, and formulate appropriate responses related to issues of social responsibility including ethical awareness, sustainability, equity, diversity and inclusion.

  • Define the concepts of social responsibility including ethical awareness, equity, diversity and inclusion, and sustainability.
  • Identify specific ethical, equity, diversity and inclusion and sustainability concerns related to business decisions.
  • Formulate and describe appropriate actions a business can take to address social responsibility concerns related to ethical awareness and behavior, equity, diversity and inclusion and sustainability.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

NC State University has over 400 courses at the undergraduate level and nearly 300 courses at the graduate level that are related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. A team of undergraduate students working with faculty member Seth Murray created the database, publishing the resource online in April 2021. Use this database to explore courses by SDG or search for courses specifically in Poole college.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Department of Accounting

Prof Joe Brazel
Joe Brazel, PhD – Jenkins Distinguished Professor of Accounting, Department of Accounting (right)
  • ACC 210 Introduction to Financial Accounting (Prof. Roby Sawyers)
  • ACC 220 Introduction to Managerial Accounting (Prof. Roby Sawyers)
  • ACC 420: Cost Accounting for Effective Management (Prof. Paul Williams)
  • ACC 450: Auditing and Assurance Services (Prof. Joe Brazel)
  • ACC 460: Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting (Prof. Paul Williams)

Department of Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Beth Ritter, MBA Lecturer, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Department
Beth Ritter, MBA – Professor of Practice, Department of Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • MIE 201: Introduction to Business Processes (Prof. Missy Makanui)
  • MIE 305: Legal and Regulatory Environment (Prof. John Kuzenski)
  • MIE 306: Managing Ethics in Organizations (Prof. Jessica Yinka Thomas)
  • MIE 330: Human Resource Management (Prof. Beth Ritter)
  • MIE 480: Business Policy and Strategy (Prof. Rich Podurgal)

Department of Business Management

Stefanie Robinson, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Business Management
Stefanie Robinson, PhD – Associate Professor of Marketing, Department of Business Management
  • BUS 340: Information Systems Management (Profs. Sarah Khan, Neal Parker, and Brad Ashbaugh)
  • BUS 425: Advanced Personal Financial Management (Prof. Melissa Hart)
  • BUS 444: Systems Analysis and Design (Prof. Sarah Khan)
  • BUS 460: Consumer Behavior (Prof. Stefanie Robinson)
  • BUS 474: Logistics Management (Prof. Bradley Ashbaugh)
  • BUS 475: Purchasing and Supply Management (Prof. Brian Brosnan)