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Zoe B Organics offers baby toys that are better for babies and the planet

Photo: Zoë b Organics

A baby entering the world is a joyous occasion, but it is also cause for concern for parents aware of the environmental hazards that surround modern life. Many baby products sold on the market contain contain endocrine disruptors, like BPA and PVC, which can throw a babies’ delicate hormone system out of balance. And beyond the immediate health concerns, plastic-based baby products create more trash for the next generation to clean up.

Winston-Salem based Zoë b Organics offers baby products that are safer for children and less damaging to the planet. Valerie Lecour began Zoë b Organics after she gave birth to her daughter Zoe in 2005. She began selling 100% natural rubber pacifiers in 2007, right before a nation-wide recall of all pacifiers containing BPA. The recall caused many new parents to pay closer attention to what materials their baby’s toys are made of, and demand for  Zoë b’s all-natural pacifiers skyrocketed.

Lecour describes herself as a “’green’ mom, not an eco-evangalist but a mom who thinks we need to take care of our planet for the sake of our children.” After walking along the beach with her kids and noticing an increasing amount of trash floating out to see, she decided to visit the great pacific garbage patch to see for herself the mess that her children’s generation will inherit. The enormous pile of trash contains huge amounts of plastic material, which slowly photodegrades into small pieces that wreak havoc on marine wildlife.

Zoë b now offers beach toys and children’s dishware that is entirely biodegradable, made from corn. These products are entirely free of BPA, as well as BPB, BPF and BPS (chemicals often used as a BPA replacement which may be equally dangerous), and will quickly break down in any microbial environment, like soil or the ocean.

Zoë b is growing rapidly and continuing to add new eco-friendly products to its product line. Lecour understands that new parents are looking for baby products they can trust, and which will not cause further harm to this planet that we share with all future generations.