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Descalza Officially B Corp Certified

Congratulations to Descalza on officially becoming B Corp Certified!

Lisbeth Carolina Arias is an NC State University alumni and founder of Descalza a handcrafted, made to measure, clothing brand that collaborates with artisans in Latino America and local seamstresses in North Carolina to create vibrant statement pieces that celebrate being “de aquí y de allá.” Descalza participated in the NC State B Corp Clinic as part of there path to B Corp Certification. Learn more about Descalza’s story and shop there clothing!

What did you learn from the certification process?

“I learned that the B Corp community genuinely wants to see you succeed. When I first did the assessment I was overwhelmed and intimidated by the questions and the required documentation. That’s when I reached out to a friend who told me about the B Corp Clinic at NC State. From there I kept meeting more people in the B Corp community and eventually created a small but mighty tribe who were cheering us on to get certified and helping us in any way they could. Through this experience, I learned that even though the documentation may seem intimidating, the community is the opposite. They’re great people with kind hearts that want to see you achieve certification!”

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