About the Business Sustainability Collaborative

We develop leaders who can apply research, technology, and critical thinking to drive and measure sustainable business practices. 

The Business Sustainability Collaborative is an academic initiative that connects students, faculty, and the business community through experiential learning, career development, academic and applied research, and partnership opportunities.

Business Sustainability Collaborative at NC State University in Poole College of Management

The Collaborative works with faculty to integrate environmental, social, and financial responsibility into curricula throughout the Poole College of Management.

We engage industry to advance and share innovative sustainability practices that lead to positive business results.


Our Mission

To prepare the next generation of leaders by engaging students, faculty, and the local and global business community to drive positive business results.

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Our Strategic Priorities

  • NC State University Students Compete at LuLu eGames Sustainable Business TrackStudents – Provide career development support, an integrated multi-disciplinary curriculum, and opportunities to engage with the local and global business community.
  • Faculty – Provide resources and connections to support the integration of sustainability into the curriculum, and to support academic and applied research that measures what matters.
  • Business Community – Develop partnerships and collaborations, and connect students, faculty, and businesses in order to solve real-world problems.

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