Global B Corp Academic Community

SOCAP17 - What B Corps are Doing Together That They Can’t Do Alone


  • Starting a dialogue among members of the academic community to share best practices and inspiration
  • Develop connections, programs and resources that will advance innovative research
  • Engage students in real world learning and strengthen the global B Corp community.

The B Corp Academic Community was launched at the Building the B Corp Academic Community Roundtable, hosted by B Lab, the NC State Poole College of Management Business Sustainability Collaborative and the Wharton Social Impact Initiative on October 20th, 2016 in Philadelphia.  Contact Jessica Thomas to get involved.


  • Monthly conference calls to share best practices and discuss opportunities for collaboration around curriculum development, research, experiential learning and other topics.
  • Organizing informal gatherings at existing conferences where there is a critical mass of community members.
  • 2nd Annual Global B Corp Academic Community Roundtable in conjunction with the B Corp Champions Retreat in Toronto, Canada (October 3-5).  Preliminary items on the agenda include three areas of focus: a) research on metrics and impact evaluation; b) curriculum development; and c) technical assistance provided by university student teams through B Impact Teams.



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