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B Corp Handbook Instructor’s Guide Acknowledgement

Special thanks to the NC State student leaders and members of the B Academics network whose contributions made the Instructor's Guide possible.


Thank you to NC State Poole College of Management for publishing this guide.

Many thanks to the Global B Corp Academics Network for providing the inspiration for the guide and the following faculty in particular who provided guidance on developing the B Corp Handbook Instructor’s Guide:

  • Maria Ballesteros – Sola, California State University Channel Islands
  • Rosanna Garcia, University of Denver
  • Joel Gehman, University of Alberta
  • Kristin Joys, University of Florida
  • Leigh Shamblin, NC State University
  • Liz Parrott Radzicki and Ranya Hahn, Participate
  • Jeff Pollack, NC State University
  • Maira Ruggi, Centro de Pesquisa ISAE
  • Elizabeth Tracy, NC State University

Special thanks to the outstanding team of Business Sustainability Collaborative student leaders, Ian Hopkins, Iman Usmani, and Svetlana Geshtovt, whose contributions were critical to the design and drafting of the B Corp Handbook Instructor’s Guide!

With gratitude,

The B Corp Handbook Instructor’s Guide Authors