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Letter from the Authors of The B Corp Handbook

Dear Instructors,

Thank you for using the Second Edition of The B Corp Handbook as a teaching tool for your class. Many instructors have told us that they are intrigued and excited about the B Corp movement, but there has not been a comprehensive resource to help them guide their discussions inside and outside the classroom.

We now have this useful teaching guide thanks to the generous support of Jessica Thomas, Heather Gray, Nikki Hensley, and Jeffrey Terebey from North Carolina State University. We owe them a debt of gratitude. This resource would not have been possible without their leadership and hard work.

The field of social entrepreneurship education is being created and shaped by a new generation of innovative academics, instructors, and teachers like you who understand the importance of using business as a force for good. You come from many different disciplines. We welcome hearing from you about how you are using The B Corp Handbook, how to improve this guide, and what other ideas you have to advance this field.

Warm regards,
Ryan Honeyman, & Dr. Tiffany Jana,