Business Sustainability Collaborative Background


Hear from BSC Faculty Director Rosanna Garcia and Keynote Speaker Andrew Winston at the launch of the Business Sustainability Collaborative, September 2015.


2016 - 2017

Download the BSC 2016-17 Year End Review to see the accomplishments and impacts of the past academic year.


The Sustainability Initiative is renamed the Business Sustainability Collaborative and launches its first five-year strategic plan, with the mission of preparing the next generation of leaders by engaging students, faculty, and the local and global business communities to drive positive business results.

"Sustainability today is an intrinsic part of doing business. It is imperative that as a business school, we enable our students to learn through instruction and real-world experiences how sustainability principles and practices contribute to a company’s value, to integrate this into our research activities, and to extend this knowledge into the business community.”​ – Ira R. Weiss, Dean and Stephen P. Zelnak Jr. Chair, Poole College of Management


Jessica Thomas is named the inaugural director of Poole College’s Sustainability Initiative and officially launches the initiative to integrate sustainability across Poole College courses, research, career development, and operations.


Scott Showalter, professor of the practice in Poole College’s Department of Accounting, led an assessment of sustainability research currently underway among NC State faculty and led a Poole College task force that produced a 66-page report, Opportunities for Thought Leadership in Sustainability.


Lonnie C. Poole Jr., founder of Waste Industries and a proponent of sustainable business practices, makes a $37.5 million endowed gift, naming the Poole College of Management. A portion of the gift was committed to establish a center of excellence in sustainability in the college.

Mr. Lonnie Poole wanted to support a program that would have an impact on the future of business. He chose to support the university’s relatively young College of Management, created in 1992, because of what the college’s dean, Ira Weiss, and the university’s chancellor, Randy Woodson, saw for its future. “Three things really intrigued me,” Lonnie Poole said. “They wanted more focus on entrepreneurial development. And they wanted more of an environmental focus, and sustainability.” As an entrepreneur who became a leader in environmentally responsible waste management, Lonnie Poole connected with that vision.

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