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Photo: Pine State Flowers

For all of the growth in NC’s local food movement recently, there’s been less attention on other, non-edible agricultural products like fresh cut flowers. There are, of course, flowers available at many farmers’ markets, but the florist section of most supermarkets—even supermarkets with an active local food program—tend to be shipped in from all over the world.

That’s where Pine State Flowers hopes to find its niche. Selling only fresh, local, seasonal and sustainably grown flowers, this flower shop and small flower farm is looking to provide Durham residents with an alternative to the year-round offerings in the grocery store aisle. Here’s how Pine State’s website describes founder Maggie Smith’s journey to flower farming:

Being familiar with the local farming community, she knew that there were plenty of flower farmers in the area and no space that sourced 100% locally grown flowers. The creation of Pine State Flowers came out of opportunity: knowing there was a place in the community for locally grown flowers at the same time that the historic Roll’s Florist building became available. So with only a good idea, a little savings, and no background in the floral industry, she reopened Roll’s Florist as a flower shop and started a small flower farm on the land behind the shop.

Open Wednesday through Sunday, Pine State Flowers also offers 4-, 8- and 12-week flower subscriptions, as well as online ordering for store pickup or delivery. Pine State’s Instagram and Facebook Accounts regularly feature updates on what flowers are currently available and in-season.