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BSC Program Manager Joins B Local Triangle Board

Written by Rachel Haynes, BSC Program Manager

The B Corporation movement is a global force for good, with companies committed to balancing profit with purpose. In the Triangle region of North Carolina, the B Local Triangle Board plays a pivotal role in advancing this mission. Our BSC Program Manager, Rachel Haynes, recently joined the board as the new Growth and Certification Lead. Learn more about her new leadership role below.

New Standards of the BIA Information and Updates for the Triangle

One of the key responsibilities of the Growth and Certification Lead role is to ensure that the BIA (B Impact Assessment) standards are up-to-date and relevant for businesses in the Triangle. This involves staying abreast of the latest developments in sustainability, social impact, and corporate governance, and incorporating these into the assessment criteria. By doing so, B Local Triangle can provide businesses with a roadmap for continuous improvement and ensure that the B Corp certification remains a mark of excellence.

Point of Contact for Prospective B Corps

As the first point of contact for businesses interested in becoming B Corps, Rachel plays a crucial role in guiding them through the certification process. This involves explaining the benefits of B Corp certification, helping them understand the requirements, and connecting them with the resources they need to succeed. By making the process as smooth and transparent as possible, we can encourage more businesses in the Triangle to join the movement and amplify our impact.

Help with Recertification Resources

For existing B Corps, recertification is an opportunity to demonstrate their ongoing commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Rachel will provide support and resources to help businesses navigate the recertification process. This includes hosting workshops, providing guidance on best practices, and connecting them with other B Corps for peer learning and collaboration.

Collaborate with B Academics and NC State to Work with Students Interested in B Corp Careers

Rachel will manage the partnerships and collaborations between B Local Triangle, NC State University and B Academics with the goal in mind to help students explore the B Corp movement, engage with local businesses, and develop innovative solutions to real-world challenges. By nurturing the next generation of B Corp leaders, we ensure the movement’s long-term sustainability and impact. By leveraging our respective strengths and networks, B Local Triangle can amplify it’s impact and create a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

In conclusion, joining the B Local Triangle Board as a Growth and Certification Lead has been an incredibly rewarding experience thus far. The B Local Triangle Board and community are filled with passionate individuals and businesses who are committed to making a positive impact in our community and beyond. Together, we are driving change, fostering innovation, and building a more sustainable and inclusive economy.