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Walmart Shares Sustainability Resources with NC Suppliers

by Katie Kross

By its own estimates, Walmart spends more than $5 billion for merchandise and services with over 1,500 suppliers in the state of North Carolina each year.  As Walmart continues to ask more and more from its suppliers’ sustainability efforts — it intends to start rating suppliers’ sustainability practices by 2013 and incorporating those ratings into buying decisions — North Carolina companies that take a proactive approach to sustainability may see opportunities with Walmart buyers.

Walmart’s Director of Sustainability, Miranda Ballentine visited NC State on Mar. 28 to discuss its sustainability goals with Walmart suppliers and product manufacturers.  Ballentine discussed Walmart’s sustainability agenda as a logical extension of their philosophy of driving down costs for consumers by making supply and distribution as efficient as possible.  ”Carbon emissions = inefficiencies,” Ms. Ballentine reiterated.


Ballentine shared several resources for NC suppliers and manufacturers to learn more about Walmart’s sustainability goals and opportunities for suppliers:

  • Walmart Supplier Sustainability Assessment Webinar – This 1.5-hour tutorial designed to help suppliers “learn how best to complete Supplier Sustainability Assessment survey and discover sustainability opportunities” includes specific examples of how Walmart has saved money in its own operations by making changes to the way resources are used.
  • – Walmart has several different websites that discuss its sustainability efforts, but this one is specifically for its suppliers, manufacturers and other supply chain partners.
  • 2012 Walmart Global Sustainability Milestone Meeting – Walmart will hold a Global Sustainability Milestone Meeting on April 18 at the Walmart Home Office Auditorium in Bentonville, AR. Walmart suppliers and manufacturers are invited to attend in person or to watch the event webcast live: