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environmental impact

Apr 22, 2019

Winners Announced for the Social and Environmental Impact Category of NC State’s 2019 Lulu eGames

NC State’s 11th annual Lulu eGames kicked off with a fantastic performance from student entrepreneurs in the Social and Environmental Impact category! 

Mar 13, 2019

It’s B Corp Month at NC State, in North Carolina and Around the World

March is B Corp Month in the United States and Canada, a month dedicated to celebrating Certified B Corps and the B Corp community. The goal of B Corp Month is to celebrate the movement and spread the word. 

Feb 13, 2019

B Corp Happy Hour at Southern Energy Management

Interested in learning more about B Corps and how to use business as a Force for Good? This is a great place to hear from local NC B Corps and meet the… 

B Corp Clinic

Feb 8, 2019

Spring 2019 Kickoff NC State B Corp Clinic

NC State B Corp Clinic is a multi-school collaborative program has helped North Carolina companies achieve B Corp certification by working with teams of graduate and undergraduate students from universities across the state. 

R. Riveter

Jan 10, 2019

Reshoring of U.S. Apparel Manufacturing: Lesson from an Innovative North Carolina based Manufacturing Company

Governments and Industries alike have desired reshoring of U.S. apparel manufacturing for several years now, but the labor-intensive manufacturing processes of apparel have made reshoring financially infeasible. While industry efforts… 

Rejaul Hasan

Aug 6, 2018

Reflections from the 2018 ARCS Annual Conference at MIT Sloan

by Rejaul Hasan BSC Associate Doctoral candidate in the NC State Colleges of Textiles The Alliances for Research on Corporate Sustainability (ARCS) 10th annual research conference was hosted by the MIT… 

Lulu egames contestants

Feb 27, 2018

Student Ventures Drive Social and Environmental Impact in the Lulu eGames

33 ventures participating in the first round of the Social and Environmental Impact Category in the lulu eGames, NC State’s annual student startup competition. 

Using Business as a Force for Good is Big Business

Aug 1, 2017

Using Business as a Force for Good is Big Business

Benefit corporations are using their business for good while also meeting the shifting customer demands. Read more about the change in customer preferences and how businesses are working towards a more ethical practice. 

Protopia B Corp Clinic team

Jun 28, 2017

Students from Across NC Participate in 2017 Spring B Corp Clinic

The Spring B Corp Clinic brought together students from all over North Carolina to help various organizations with their B Certified status. Read about the many projects and sustainable solutions that students and professionals developed throughout the clinic with local companies. 

NC State's Wolfpack aims for zero waste

Jun 16, 2015

NC State’s Wolfpack aims for zero waste

Starting this fall, NC State's Carter Finley Stadium is striving for zero waste.