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Green_Plus_CErtificationSustainability and environmental responsibility is often talked about as a burden for the business environment.

But it’s also an opportunity for innovation and differentiation in the market place.

An inspiring article in the News and Observer recently looked at how Triangle businesses are leading the way to sustainability, talking to business leaders, community representatives and sustainability experts about how the business culture has developed to embrace social and environmental responsibility.

Important takeaways from the piece include:

  • Clean tech companies have invested over $700bn in the region since 2009
  • Over 2,600 jobs created in the same period
  • Cities across the region are amplifying businesses efforts –  installing electric vehicle charging, building energy efficient buildings and creating clean energy infrastructure

Chris Carmody, executive director of Durham-based Green Plus, puts it this way:

“The Triangle’s green business climate has become very robust in the last five years. At the grass-roots level, consumers and small businesses alike inherently want to do the right thing, so they go to great lengths to run operations that support the health of the community in the long term.”

Head over to the News and Observer to read the full article: Triangle Companies Leading the Way to Sustainability.