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More than profits: BLD Southeast brings B Corp values to the Triangle

Original artilce written by Jen McFarland

Last week, NC State University had the honor of hosting the first in-person BLD Southeast, a conference focused on bringing together mission driven companies and B Corps from the southeast. The event was exciting, impactful and a celebration of the grassroots work that southeast continues in order transform business as a force for good. Jen McFarland attended the event and wrote an article about her experience and take aways from the event.

“This shift for companies is a newer one, but is definitely a trend on the rise. According to Gartner, a “shared purpose” is one of the 5 components employees are seeking to gain more value from their jobs. Particularly for younger employees, there’s a strong desire to see concrete action at their organizations, not just corporate statements and platitudes.

The B Corp movement is all about concrete action. To become a B Corp, a company must be certified, a rigorous process that includes a minimum score on the B Impact Assessment, plus legal, and transparency requirements.

“It’s a credibility piece,” said Mel Hubner, Director of Social Impact & Sustainability for local B Corp Brand Fuel and an event coordinator. “It’s saying, ‘Hey, we’re doing the work, we are certified and being accountable for this.’ It’s making our mission very clear to customers and suppliers.””

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