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Happy B Corp Month!

March is B Corp Month! A month long celebration of B Corporations and the progress toward a more sustainable future. Learn more about B Corp Month from B Lab. We are celebrating the recent certification of two companies that participated in the NC State B Corp Clinic as part of their B Corp Certification journey.

Congratulations to recently certified B Corp Clinic Alumni on certification! 

Descalza Certified 2023

Descalza is a handcrafted, made to measure, clothing brand where they collaborate with artisans from Latino America and local seamstresses in North Carolina to create unique statement pieces that reflect our story of being de aquí y de allá. Learn more about Descalza’s journey to B Corp Certification here.

The Loading Dock Certified 2023

The Loading Dock is a coworking and cowarehousing community for the creative, freelancer, entrepreneur and remote professional. They strongly believe that where and who you work with is vitally important to the work you do; so, we created an ecosystem where we can work and flourish together. Do well. Do good. Better together. Learn more about The Loading Dock’s journey to B Corp Certification here.

Here at NC State we have contributed to the B Corp landscape through our semester long B Corp Clinic. For the last seven years, the NC State B Corp Clinic has helped over 90 companies from around the world improve their social and environmental impact. Whether you’re a traditional business working to become more sustainable, an aspiring B Corp pursuing certification or a certified B Corp focused on continuous improvement, the B Corp Clinic can help! Learn more about our B Corp Clinic.