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Duke’s Nicholas Institute Ranked Among Top 10 Climate & Economics Think Tanks

Universities are playing an important role in mapping out the implications that climate change may have in all areas of human endeavor – from economics to energy to agriculture to urban planning.

Duke Universities Nicholas Institute has just received a major accolade, with the International Center for Climate and Governance (ICCG) ranking it amont the top ten think tanks globally working on climate, policy and economics. The rankings are standardized, and based on a set of five separately weighted indicators—events, U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change submissions, articles in peer-reviewed journals and the frequency those articles were cited, non-peer reviewed publications and whether staff were authors of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports.

Nicholas Institute Director Tim Profeta welcomed the recognition:

“We of course are very pleased to be acknowledged by ICCG for our work. For an institute of our youth, it reinforces for us how far we have come so fast. We look forward to using our role to help the globe work to solve the challenge of climate change.”

An interactive map of global climate think tanks, based on the full set of ICCG rankings, can be viewed here.