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Visit the homepage of TreeHugger this week, and you may well see a video advertisment for engineering multinational Siemens, which champions the investments that Charlotte has made in new light rail infrastructure.

Based on the long-form documentary above, and created as part of the corporation’s Sustainable Cities campaign, the slot highlights the potential for light rail and other sustainable infrastructure to not just cut emissions, but reinvigorate a community and reinvent its image for the outside world.

It’s a trend we see repeated elsewhere. When Raleigh embraced clean energy and electric vehicle infrastructure, it attracted major national conferences and international visitors as a result. When Bertie County teens built a new farmers’ market pavilion, their community became the focus of a documentary on innovative new models for education. And when Triangle businesses rallied around sustainability,  they found a collective sense of identity and common ground which has raised the region’s profile on a national stage.

Sustainability is not just about doing less harm. It’s about releasing the potential in our communities to pursue innovation, development and progress for the benefit of all.

Thank you Siemens for the reminder.