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The North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association’s Making Energy Work conference will this year be held on October 1-2 in Charlotte, NC. Bringing together 600 state, regional and national clean energy providers, advocates and decision-makers, the theme for the conference this year is billed as “Securing the Future”. Given recent reports that the solar industry is once again facing a shortage of panels due to increased demand, and with on-going debates over the future of energy supply, there is probably no better topic for timely discussion.

NCSEA director Ivan Urlaub explained the motivation behind choosing this topic:

“This is a critical time for the clean energy industry. The energy choices we make today have a complex social, political, economic and environmental impact. Making Energy Work will connect highly engaged public and private sector leaders who have a stake in North Carolina’s clean energy future – including government officials, utilities representatives and industry members – in order to elevate North Carolina’s position as a clean energy leader and cultivate a thriving, reliable and affordable clean energy ecosystem.”

Keynotes, exhibitions, networking and breakout sessions will cover models for efficiency as well as sectors ranging from solar and wind to smart grid and electric vehicles. Example sessions to look out for include, “Local Governments Making Clean Energy Work,” “Making the Business Case for Clean Energy,” and “Innovations in Conventional Energy.”

More details and registration information is available at the Making Energy Work website.