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The B Corp Clinic Featured in B the Change

B the Change media recently featured an article, titled “The B Corp Clinic: How North Carolina Students are Bringing Impact-Minded Business to Life,” written by Mirah Alix about the NC State Poole College B Corp Clinic, its origin, impact and spring 2020 projects.

Article excerpt:

“After five years of operation, the NC State B Corp Clinic has engaged over 300 graduate and undergraduate students from eight schools, completing 64 team projects. This spring, the clinic is completing its 10th session while facing new challenges amid COVID-19. However, teams have had an impressively smooth transition to conducting virtual meetings and presentations, showing that a positive impact can be made no matter the distance.

Alongside 40 students, the companies participating in the Spring 2020 NC State B Corp Clinic are 9miles Media, Boer Brothers Heating and Air, Get Spiffy, Inc.,, Prota Fiori, Spiritex, Triangle Environmental and Unity Web Agency.”


Read the full B the Change article.