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Michael Maher

Michael Maher, MBA

Degree Earned:  BS Horticulture, MBA
Organization:  Lenovo
Title:  Notebook Fulfillment

Tell us about your current job duties, and how you’re working to integrate sustainability into your role.

I am part of the global supply chain team at Lenovo.  My areas of focus are on notebook fulfillment for our commercial customers in North America as well as several global customers.  I work with the factories to drive on time shipment of customer orders.

One way I try to integrate sustainability into my role is by providing accurate information to the customer.  For example, when setting realistic and honest information it helps set reasonable expectations for a customer and reduces the likelihood of order cancellations, increased costs and wasted resources.

Give us some examples of how your company uses sustainability to drive innovation, produce results, or improve the way you do business.

Earlier this year, Lenovo introduced a new low temperature soldering process to increase reliability and conserve energy in its manufacturing process.  Next year Lenovo also plans to offer the new procedure industry wide free of charge.

What do you love the most about your job?  What are the challenges you’ve encountered & overcome in your career?

The culture and my coworkers are what I love the most about my job.  I also enjoy the changing environment of the tech industry.  I work for a company that uses technology to shape and predict the future with its services and products