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3 Ways Everyday People Can Make Social Business the Norm

BSC Director, Jessica Thomas, was featured in a Medium article by Activate Good Executive Director, Amber Smith, “3 Ways Everyday People Can Make Social Business the Norm.” The article explores every day strategies that people can take to effect social change. Amber Smith discusses how individuals can “benefit the world when you buy” and features Jessica Thomas’ #bcorpchallenge.

“Making socially conscious consumer decisions can seem daunting. It can feel overwhelming to devote hours to researching which brands to support with your purchases. Fortunately, other social good champions have done a lot of this heavy lifting for us. One B Corps ambassador in my city, Jessica Yinka Thomas, challenged her Twitter and Instagram followers to find and use products made only by social good businesses. In the process, she laid out 50 products she personally used in a single day to demonstrate how easy it could be to follow her example, from cheese, to shoes, to insect repellent. Those she cited are a small sampling; a long list of B Corps can be found right on the Certified B Corporation website.”

Read the full article on Medium.