Courses Incorporating Sustainability


Spring 2016

MBA 590 010 - Special Topics in Business Management - Sustainability

Instructor: Prof. Scott Showalter

MBA 590 010 is focused on opening student’s eyes as to why business should operate in a sustainable manner, the issues they face in doing so and the efforts businesses undertake to address these business-imperative issues.

MIE 306 001 - Managing Ethics in Organizations

Instructor: Jessica Thomas, Director, Poole College Business Sustainability Collaborative

MIE 306 001 explores the relationships between ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability in the firm and how to addresses the challenges and leadership requirements in developing and implementing ethical and sustainable business strategies.

MIE 432 001 - Labor and Employee Relations

Instructor: Prof. Beth Ritter

Utilizing textbook, readings, lectures, and practitioner presentations, students will become familiar with theories and principles of Labor-Management relations and the interchange between unions and employers. The course will review approaches to clarify, manage, reduce and resolve conflicts and to negotiate collective bargaining agreements.

MIE 419 001 - Entrepreneurship Practicum - Social Entrepreneurship

Intructor: Prof. Leigh Shamblin

Do you want to help social enterprises develop business models, improve services, or find new markets? Or would you like to help companies become B-Corps certified? Sign up for MIE 419 in the Spring and work on real projets with real companies. Requires 9 hours of work a week in the NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic. Please contact Leigh Shamblin at for more information.

ES 300 001 - Energy and Environment

Instructor: Steve Kalland, Executive Director, NC Clean Energy Technology Center, NC State

ES 300 001 examines the nexus between energy and the environment through the lenses of technology, science, policy and markets.  The class includes a survey of energy use and production options, the science around the environmental implications of various options, the public policy rationales for government interventions, and the dynamics of energy markets.

ARC 590 001 - Toward Sustainability: WELL & Living Buildings

Instructor: Prof. Traci Rose Rider

ARC 590 001 Reaching beyond the standards of current green building practice and public policy, the class will explore methods and case studies using cutting-edge frameworks including the Living Building Challenge and WELL Building Standard. The intent of this course is to understand what achieving sustainability in the built environment truly means, and to critically assess methods and opportunities to reach that difficult goal.   

TTM 591 003 - Sustainability in the Textile & Apparel Industries

Instructor: Prof. Karen Leonas

TTM 591 003 will explore sustainability throughout the textile Industry from fiber production to post purchase practices. The course will be taught as a seminar discovery class where much of what you learn will come through research, industry case studies and guest speakers.

PA 598 003 - Survey of Public Policy Issues

Instructor: Diane Cherry, Environments Policy Manager, Institute for Emerging Issues

PA 598 003 will survey public policy issues in health, education, workforce development, transportation, energy and infrastructure.  It considers the role of political institutions and forces in defining and shaping policy options and choices. The class is meant to provide students with a broad overview of the major challenges in each area.

2014 Recipients of the Business Sustainability Collaborative curriculum development grant programRecipients of the 2014 Poole College Business Sustainabilty Collaborative Curriculum Development Grants: Don Pagach, Thayer Morrill, Beth Ritter, and Stephnie Robinson (left to right)

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