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Sofia Abdo, BS Business Administration '19

Hi! My name is Sofia Abdo and I am currently an undergraduate student studying Business Administration and Marketing at Poole College. I am also undertaking a Design Studies minor. I joined the Business Sustainability Collaborative team in September of 2016 in order to combine forces with the most innovative and forward-thinking business minds of our generation. I believe that sustainability is the future of business and I am honored to be a part of a group of individuals who have devoted themselves and their studies to contributing to these ideas and promoting these values. My role as a BSC Associate is to design and create promotional materials, which publicize various BSC hosted events and inform on the field of sustainability and related topics. Being a part of this team has greatly furthered my knowledge on topics such as B-Corporations and the sustainable agriculture industry, among others. I am excited to explore the ways in which the skills I learn through the BSC will allow me to become a changemaker in the ever evolving business world. Read more about Sofia

Anna Campbell, BA Communications, '17

Hello, my name is Anna and I am currently an undergraduate student in the Bachelor of Arts Communication program with a concentration in Public Relations.  I joined the Business Sustainability Collaborative (BSC) in March of 2017 in order to capitalize on the opportunity of working with innovative and forward thinking students, faculty, instructors and community members. My main contribution to my team is helping to build a streamlined marketing system and communication pathways. In addition, I also assist with event management, social media publicity and editing. I am honored to be part of this team and look forward to building a cohesive and sustainable community. Read more about Anna

Annabelle Fernandez, MALS '17

Hello, my name is Anna and I'm currently a graduate student in the Master of Arts Liberal Studies (MALS) program with a concentration of Global Markets and Social Policies. I double majored in Business Administration and Economics at UNC-Chapel Hill and have previously worked in the technology industry (IBM, Lenovo, Cisco) and most recently in the education space (Duke University). I joined the Business Sustainability Collaborative (BSC) in 2015 and as one of the members of the team, my focus is identifying and developing new content for the NC Sustainability Connection, as well as supporting our social media activities. In addition, I also assist with the planning and managing of BSC events. I'm thrilled to be part of this team and look forward to continuing to drive and advance our sustainability initiatives.  Read more about Anna





Rejaul Hasan, PhD '18, College of Textiles

Hello, my name is Rejaul Hasan. I am a PhD student at College of Textiles, NC State with a concentration in Supply Chain and Sustainability. Before NC State, I worked almost five years in global apparel sourcing and supply chain for the French sporting goods retailer “Decathlon” in different part of the world including Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam and China. As a BSC Associate, my main role is to disseminate the academic research to broader community in a convenient way.  I support in organizing sustainability events at campus. I am also leading a research project on sustainability practice in apparel sourcing and supply chain from low cost South Asian countries at College of Textiles and Supply Chain Resource Cooperative (SCRC) at NC State. I am excited to join BSC team and passionate to advance the sustainability initiative at campus and beyond the campus.  Read more about Rejaul

Rudhawarsh Loganathan, Jenkins MBA '17

Hey, I am Rudha, an MBA student at NC State Jenkins Program concentrating on Supply Chain Management. My previous work experience was with John Deere as an engineer analyst with one of my experiences in testing devices on vehicle emissions. I have a strong belief that sustainability is the future for business and BSC provides me the right platform to learn how to be sustainable in environmental and business settings. As a new member in the team, I am currently representing BSC at various platforms and creating awareness on how BSC could help apply sustainability thought process to business problems. I am also working on Zero Waste Program to create a sustainable environment at NC State and managing events of BSC.  Read more about Rudha

Kaley Moffitt, BS Business Administration '19

Hello, my name is Kaley. I am studying Business Administration at Poole College of Management, with a concentration in Marketing; I also have an interest in business analytics. I joined the Business Sustainability Collaboration in November of 2015 to learn more about business sustainability practices and to promote the organization as a whole. As a student associate, I am in charge of marketing the Business Sustainability Collaborative which includes managing the social media platforms as well as developing other marketing materials for events and programs. I love working with the Business Sustainability Collaborative because I feel as though the team is exposing me more and more every day to what it means to be sustainable in the business world. I am excited about the freedom we have to come up with creative ideas on how to implement sustainability at school and in the community.  Read more about Kaley

Shannon O’Shea, Jenkins MBA '17

Hi, my name is Shannon O’Shea. I am in the NC State Jenkins MBA program concentrating in Entrepreneurship. I joined the Business Sustainability Collaborative Student Leadership Program in 2015 to contribute to all of the important work that the BSC is doing at NC State and to network with other students, faculty, alumni and members of the business community working in the field of sustainable business. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from NC State and a Master’s in Public Health from UNC-Chapel Hill focused on Environmental Health. I have several years of experience working for the US Environmental Protection Agency and consulting for other government agencies and local non-profits. As an Associate for the BSC, I coordinated panels in 2015 and 2016 on sustainable food supply chain for FoodCon, a food conference held at Duke Fuqua School of Business and at NC State University respectively. I am also involved in developing a business sustainability mentor program which will connect students with alumni that work with or incorporate sustainability into their job function.  Read more about Shannon

Iman Usmani, BS Business Management '19

Hi, I'm Iman Usmani and I am an undergraduate at NC State. I have an interest in mathematics and economics. I started working with the Business Sustainability Collarborative the spring of my freshman year after expressing an interest in business sustainability. My job with the BSC entails a lot of little things but, because of my job with the school paper, The Technician, I am mainly write particular articles for events that the BSC is a part of. I am super excited to be a part of such a great, like-minded team that believes in the power of purpose in the business world. More than anything, BSC has been a learning experience for me because of all of the interesting people I am able to meet as well as all the interesting events that I am able to attend and write about. I am thrilled to learn more about business sustainability in the future, considering it is something I want to incorporate in my future career.  Read more about Iman

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