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The Poole College Business Sustainability Collaborative works with faculty across departments to provide tools and resources to integrate sustainability into undergraduate and graduate business courses.  

These teaching tools and resources include relevant books, case sources, webinars, and funding opportunities through the Business Sustainability Collaborative Curriculum Development grant program.

Curriculum Development Grant Program

The Poole College Business Sustainability Collaborative Curriculum Development Grant Program will provide funding to support curriculum development projects for faculty with a majority appointment in the Poole College of Management.  Priority will be given to undergraduate faculty teaching 3 credit, 200 and 300 level courses with high enrollment. Business Sustainability Collaborative Curriculum Development Grants have a maximum award of $5,000. The deadline to apply is Monday, April 17th. Details and application.

BSC Curriculum Development Seminar, March 28

On March 28, noon – 1pm in Nelson 3220, recipients of the 2016 Business Sustainability Collaborative Curriculum Development grants will present their course modules and outcomes: Paul Mulvey and Alexander Gloss, MIE 330: Human Resource Management and MIE 201: Introduction to Business and Jeffrey Pollack, MIE 310: Introduction to Entrepreneurship. Lunch will be provided. Please RSVP to Jessica Thomas at jothomas@ncsu.edu.

"Strategically focused organizations are already realizing the need to think ahead 15-20 years to evaluate how and when their business model is likely to be impacted by unsustainable products and services critical to their supply chain, in addition to changes in customer demand for what is currently their ‘crown jewel’ product or service. In the face of such challenges, it is critical that the Poole College of Management integrate topics related to sustainability in our teaching, research, and engagement with businesses.” Dr. Mark Beasley, Deloitte Professor of Enterprise Risk Management

Sources for Cases

Network for Business Sustainability Resources

The Network for Business Sustainability (NBS) is a global network of people and organizations committed to advancing sustainable business practice. NBS has developed a set of resources including webinars, samples cases, videos and other teaching tools to bring sustainability into various business disciplines.

NBS has also developed a portal curating case studies, research summaries, frameworks, and info-graphics by subject matter.


Copies of the following publications are available in the Business Sustainability Collaborative library (Nelson 3118).

The Sustainable MBA: A Business Guide to Sustainability
by Giselle Weybrecht


The Business Student’s Guide to Sustainable Management: Principles and Practice
by Petra Molthan-Hill


Search for Sustainability-Related Courses

Sustainability courses listed HERE are based on parameters provided by Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System™(STARS) to which NC State reports. The courses from the link above are classified as a sustainability course (in which the primary and explicit focus is on sustainability and/or on understanding or solving one or more major sustainability challenge) or as a course that includes sustainability(e.g. as a module, unit or activity that integrates sustainability issues). Using more than 160 keywords to search the NC State course catalog, students in the NC State EcoVillage compiled this list as part of a capstone project in 2015. Staff reviewed the list for quality and consistency, but omissions or inaccuracies may occur since the list is representative of a snapshot in time.

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