Sullivan Masterclass: Poverty & Hunger

Join the Sullivan community for an informative and thoughtful discussion on how you can increase your likelihood of creating a sustainable venture to serve your community and walk away with a methodology to get clear on what your community really needs to thrive.


Sullivan Masterclass: Environment & Climate

Join the Sullivan community for a thought-provoking session with an environmental changemaker who will leave you with ideas about how you can make small – yet crucial – changes to help your campus be more sustainable.


SDG@3 Workshop: Goal 2: Zero Hunger

Talley Student Union, 4280

The SDGs offer ways for the world to better the lives of everyone on the planet. The workshop series will focus on "Quality of Life" and feature a faculty member, student group representative, and practitioner from the community briefly sharing what they are doing to make a difference.


Ignite Retreat: Social Change Conference

Want to create social change, but don’t know where to start? The Ignite Retreat will help you to chart your path! In 3 days, learn how to change your community and… Receive 1-on-1 mentorship from coaches who have started non-profits, […]