Rosanna Garcia

Key Research Publications

  • Zhang, Ting, Sonja Gensler and Rosanna Garcia (2011) “A study of the diffusion of alternative fuel vehicles: An Agent-based Modeling Approach” Journal of Product Innovation Management Vol. 28: 150-166.

  • Calantone, Roger, Rosanna Garcia and Cornelia Dröge (2003), “The effects of environmental turbulence on new product development strategy planning,” Journal of Product Innovation Management, March, 20(2): 90-103.

Rosanna Garcia, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Marketing Business Management

Sustainability Approach

  • My work focuses on sustainability strategies in the designing and marketing of new products. Another area of interest to me is how B Corporations differ in their approach to developing and marketing of innovations compared to their counter-parts.

Research Specialities

  • Sustainability in the innovation process
  • B Corporations
  • Sustainability in design thinking
  • Sustainable services

Sustainability Related Courses Taught

  • MBA563 Product and Brand Management - This course explores how firms can and should incorporate sustainability measures into their innovation process. It also examines the role of consumers in the acceptance of environmentally friendly innovations.

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