Eda Kemahlioglu Ziya

Key Research Publications

  • G. Esenduran and E. Kemahlioglu Ziya. 2015. “A Comparison of Product Take- back Compliance Schemes,” Production and Operations Management, 24(1), 71-88.

  • A. Orsdemir, E. Kemahlioglu Ziya and A. Parlakturk. 2014. “Competitive Quality Choice and Remanufacturing,” Production and Operations Management, 23(1), 48-64.

  • G. Esenduran, E. Kemahlioglu Ziya and J. Swaminathan. “Take-back Legislation: Consequences for Remanufacturing and Environment,” forthcoming at Decision Sciences.

Eda Kemahlioglu Ziya, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Department of Business Management, Operations & Supply Chain Management

Sustainability Approach

  • "One of my two major research streams is on environmentally-sustainable supply chain management. In the last decade, sustainability has attracted a lot of attention both from academics and practitioners in the supply chain domain. I expect to see increasingly more research being conducted in this area and I plan to continue my research on this topic."

Research Specialities

  • Electronics take-back legislation
  • Supply chain optimization subject to environmental sustainability constraints
  • Closed-loop supply chain management

Sustainability Related Courses Taught

  • MBA 540 Operations and Supply Chain Management - We dedicate one session to supply chain management subject to environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility concerns. We discuss how companies can improve profitability by making their supply chains environmentally more sustainable.

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