Don Pagach

Key Research Publications

  • The Long-Term Performance of Firms Hiring Chief Sustainability Officers [Forthcoming]

  • The Union of Enterprise Risk Management and Sustainability [Forthcoming]

Don Pagach, Ph.D.

Professor, Graduate Faculty Department of Accounting

Sustainability Approach

  • Sustainability has become an important issue for accountants in terms of both reporting and assurance. Accountants need to be able to understand the issues behind sustainability so that they can continue to provide leadership in how firms communicate their sustainability initiatives.

Research Specialities

  • Sustainability reporting
  • Sustainability standards

Sustainability Related Courses Taught

  • ACC 310 Intermediate Accounting – In this course, students complete two cases regarding sustainability. In the first, students examine a company’s sustainability report in order to understand the basics of reporting. In the second case, students determine that type of sustainability report that a firm that is presently not reporting should prepare. Both cases use real companies in order to expose students to real life examples of sustainability reporting.

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