Beth M. Ritter, MBA

Corporate Experience

  • Senior VP of Human Resources for Burt’s Bees

  • HR leadership and support to the Global Supply Chain for the Campbell Soup Company

  • HR support to foods businesses of the Nabisco Brands Company

Beth Ritter, MBA

Lecturer Innovation and Entrepreneurship Department

Sustainability Approach

  • "Each semester I am pleased to bring new topics on sustainability to our future leaders. I believe it is the responsibility of management to conduct business in a sustainable way. I enjoy bringing my first hand experience at Burt’s Bees to the classroom to inspire."

Research Specialities

  • Volunteerism, a pillar of corporate responsibility programs, and how it impacts other workplace measures.
  • Human rights and labor relations

Sustainability Related Courses Taught

  • MIE 330, Introduction to Human Resource Management – In this course we review the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) framework for company sustainability reporting and we explore human resource metrics through an activity.
  • MIE 432 Labor Relations – In this course we cover human rights and labor relations issues within the scope of responsible management.

Contact Information

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