B Impact Teams

B Impact Teams are self-organized teams of college students that assist businesses to measure and manage their impact.

B Impact Team Project

When composing B Impact teams, there should be a set of guidelines each team follows. In order to have teams feel passionate about their project and their team, empower the teams to create their own team agreements and team charters. Assign your class into groups of approximately 4-6 people, preferably diverse group composed of students with different backgrounds or focus areas. Have the teams create a team agreement generally following these sections:

  • Introduction: Project Scope, Timeframe, Deliverable
  • Expectations: Project Description, Goals, Final Product, Responsibilities
  • Timeframe: Key Milestones, Complicating Factors
  • Contact Information: Preferred Communication
  • Agreement: Signature agreeing to participate

Once teams have completed the team agreement then approach the team charter. There are some similarities to the team agreement, but the team charter dives deeper into breaking down differences and using team members’ strengths and weaknesses to the teams advantage. The charter should not be specific to the project but specific to the team members. If the team works on several projects together the same charter can apply. The team charter should generally include the following sections:

  • Mission: General goals
  • Team Members: Strengths, Weaknesses, Hard and soft skills, Feedback/critique preferences
  • Availability and Contact: Best times to meet and communicate
  • Roles: Assign leader and if structure is subject to change based on project
  • Guidelines/Responsibilities: Rules that apply to the whole team