B Academics Strategic Plan

The vision of B Academics is to advance the state of academic study into business as a force for good.



The Global B Corp Academic Community (B Academics) is a network of educators and researchers from around the world who are committed to accelerating the sustainable business movement by studying the global movement of B Corporation certification and benefit corporations. B Academics work with each other, the global B Lab network, and the B Corp community to share best practices and identify opportunities for collaboration with regard to research, teaching, and experiential learning.

Strategic Priorities & Working Groups

  • Organizational and Funding Structure – To develop B Academics organizational and funding structure and opportunities for collaboration with existing academic and professional networks
  • Curriculum Innovation and Experiential Learning – To develop, implement, and highlight relevant and engaging curricula and best practices related to B Corps, benefit corporations, and B Impact teams / experiential learning.
  • B Local &  B Lab Engagement – To collaborate with B Lab and B Locals to help them employ full potential of the academic community for the B movement.
  • External Relations and Partnerships – To initiate contact, continue interactions, and forge partnerships with outside organizations that are supportive of entrepreneurs, students, faculty, and others involved in sustainability and social responsibility.
  • Events – To facilitate events to advance the B Academics mission and strategic priorities and connect the global B Academic community.


President: Jessica Thomas, NC State University

  • Organizational and Funding Structure Working Group
    • Co-chair: Maria Emilia Correa, Academia B
    • Co-chair: Maria Ballesteros-Sola, Cal State University Channel Islands
  • Research Working Group
    • Co-chair: Joel Gehman, University of Alberta
    • Co-chair: Garima Sharma, University of New Mexico
  • Curriculum Innovation and Experiential Learning Working Group
    • Co-chair: Todd Matthews, Cabrini University
    • Co-chair: Jacen Green, Portland State University
  • B Local &  B Lab Engagement Working Group
    • Chair: Fiona Wilson, University of New Hampshire
  • Information-sharing Platform Working Group
    • Chair: Summer Brown, DePaul University
  • External Relations and Partnerships Working Group
    • Chair: Mark Starik
  •  Events Working Group
    • Co-chair: Emily Medley, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
    • Co-chair: Jessica Thomas, NC State University