Rudhawarsh Loganathan, BSC Associate

Degree program: Jenkins MBA, Class of 2017
Hometown: Kalpakkam, India
Previous degree(s): Mechanical Engineering
Sustainability Interests: Sustainable Supply Chain

Tell us something about you that we might be surprised to find out!

I am the first engineer in my family.

What’s the most fun or enlightening experience you’ve had in the MBA program so far?  

Being an Associate of Business Sustainability Collaborative. It showed me how to incorporate sustainability in my decision making without compromising my career aspiration.

Why is sustainability important to you? Why do you think it should be important to other students?

To me, sustainability is all about innovation and driving change in an organization. The sustainability perspective would help a student to arrive at a business solution that is innovative, cost effective, reliable, and safe for the environment.

What first sparked your interest in sustainability? What made you realize that you wanted to incorporate sustainability into your education and future career?

When I was working with John Deere, I could see the focus John Deere Company had on sustainability. The company ensured that they would make the farming practices efficient by reducing the water usage in Sprinkler machines. This approach not only ensured water sustainability, but also, made the machines efficient such that each plant got the required amount of water level. Water requirement was measured in term of the number of water drops required per plant in a farm area in hectares. This experience made me realize that focusing on sustainability is a key driver for innovation and success.

What sustainability challenge would you most like to solve? 

I am interested in solving green supply chain challenge. I am specifically interested in making sourcing and logistics decisions based on sustainability factors such as social condition, environmental condition, packaging, transportation, operations, and waste management.

What’s your advice for fellow students who might be interested in sustainability, but don’t know where to start? (This could include books, talks to listen to, events / clubs to attend, etc.)

My advice would be, first know what field in business you are interested in. Once you narrow down the scope, look into articles published by companies on sustainability in your field of study. Then, try to relate how the sustainability actions in your field of study has helped the company be better at its business. In case you are not sure of the field you want to work on, attend events organized by Net Impact, and Business Sustainability Collaborative. These events would give you insights on various sustainability initiatives carried out by companies in different fields.

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